Command-line options¶

To run a test, use the molotov runner and point it to the scenario module or path:

Load test.

usage: molotov [-h] [-s SINGLE_MODE] [--config CONFIG] [--version] [--debug]
               [-v] [-w WORKERS] [-p PROCESSES] [-d DURATION] [-r MAX_RUNS]
               [-q] [-x] [-c] [--statsd] [--statsd-server STATSD_SERVER]
               [--statsd-port STATSD_PORT]
Required Arguments
 path or module name that contains scenarii
Optional Arguments
-s, --single-mode
 Name of a single scenario to run once.
--config Point to a JSON config file.
 Displays version and exits.
--debug=False Run the event loop in debug mode.
-v=0, --verbose=0
 Verbosity level. -v will display tracebacks. -vv requests and responses.
-w=1, --workers=1
 Number of workers
-p=1, --processes=1
 Number of processes
-d=86400, --duration=86400
 Duration in seconds
-r, --max-runs Maximum runs per worker
-q=False, --quiet=False
-x=False, --exception=False
 Stop on first failure.
-c=False, --console=False
 Use simple console for feedback
--statsd=False Activates statsd
 Statsd Server
 Statsd Port